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Welcome to the official website for BOONE CUTLER!

Tipping Point with Boone Cutler is the FIRST and  LONGEST-RUNNING mainstream radio program of its kind, focusing on the 23 million military veterans in America and their supporters as our target audience.

Each week the show reaches text2join WARFIGHTERbetween 200,000-400,000 live listeners –  including online listeners- via the Reno, Nevada radio station KNEWS 107.3 FM broadcast, iPhone appAndroid app, and website.

Thank you for your patience as we develop this site.  Check out Boone’s BIO, and listen to previous PODCASTS and more!

If you are interested in being a guest on the show, email: guest-relations@boonecutler.com.


Take a smart break and watch this ... skip ahead if you wish but watch it. ...

TOPIC: PACIFY & CONTROL "IT'S HUMAN NATURE --- SO SHUT UP" MID-WEEK POW WOW This is not for people who learn the news from memes. I can't help you. Nobody can. This week we discuss how it's NATURAL for governments to be overthrown by the people and why YOU should EMPATHIZE with the Government. Also learn--- the PsyOp used and why it makes sense. Filmed: January 27, 2016 Also heard on: TIPPING POINT WITH BOONE CUTLER The Warfighter Perspective Heard weekly 107.3 FM RENO and wherever you are. SEE www.boonecutler.com for details

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Do you miss your firearms from your time in Service? (Team BC) ...

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Kevin Mallory, 60, was found with $16,500 in his bags in Chicago Airport in April.
Ex-State Dept worker was a government contractor with Top Secret clearance.
Investigators say they found proof he sent documents to a 'Chinese agent'.
He claimed he thought the 'agent' was working for a Chinese think-tank
Mallory was charged on Thursday and could face life in prison or death penalty.
It's believed he may have taken a total of $25,000 in exchange for documents.

(Team BC)

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Barack Obama in a lengthy post on Facebook states that the GOP bill that was unveiled today is 'not a health care bill' at all - it's a transfer of wealth to the rich:


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(Team BC)

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