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Welcome to the official website for BOONE CUTLER!

Tipping Point with Boone Cutler is the FIRST and  LONGEST-RUNNING mainstream radio program of its kind, focusing on the 23 million military veterans in America and their supporters as our target audience.

Each week the show reaches text2join WARFIGHTERbetween 200,000-400,000 live listeners –  including online listeners- via the Reno, Nevada radio station KNEWS 107.3 FM broadcast, iPhone appAndroid app, and website.

Thank you for your patience as we develop this site.  Check out Boone’s BIO, and listen to previous PODCASTS and more!

If you are interested in being a guest on the show, email: guest-relations@boonecutler.com.


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Welcome to the community Guinn!

William Guinn Jr. weighed 460lbs last year - well over the Army's weight limit.
Working with nutrition specialists and trainers, he began training six days a week.
Over 14 months he lost an incredible 230lbs and has maintained at 230lbs
On Thursday, married father-of-four fulfilled his dream of enlisting in the Army.
'It can be done,' he said of his weight loss, adding that the motivation to join the military meant he pushed himself 'harder than ever before'.
A Texas father-of-four has lost a staggering 230 pounds to fulfill his dream of joining the US Army.
William Guinn Jr. had always dreamed of enlisting in the armed forces, but weighing in at 456lbs last year, he was well over the Army's weight limit.
So in February 2016, Guinn took a look at himself in the mirror and decided something had to change.
Going from couch potato to gym bunny wasn't easy, but over the next 14 months Guinn dedicated himself to getting in shape.
Working with nutrition specialists and trainers, Guinn hit the gym six days a week, and would sometimes even go for an hour-long run after a two-hour workout session.
Through his sheer hard work and determination, Guinn lost half his body weight, dropping to 230lbs.
He has maintained his weight the past few months.
And on Thursday, he was officially sworn in to the Army during a ceremony in Dallas.
Guinn, who posted a before and after picture of Facebook, said he wanted to share his story as an inspiration for others.
'It can be done,' he wrote, adding that the motivation of joining the military meant he pushed himself 'harder than ever before.'

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(Team BC) ...

Marines with the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit hone their breaching techniques and combat marksmanship during a close quarters tactics course.

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