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Welcome to the official website for BOONE CUTLER!

Tipping Point with Boone Cutler is the FIRST and  LONGEST-RUNNING mainstream radio program of its kind, focusing on the 23 million military veterans in America and their supporters as our target audience.

Each week the show reaches text2join WARFIGHTERbetween 200,000-400,000 live listeners –  including online listeners- via the Reno, Nevada radio station KNEWS 107.3 FM broadcast, iPhone appAndroid app, and website.

Thank you for your patience as we develop this site.  Check out Boone’s BIO, and listen to previous PODCASTS and more!

If you are interested in being a guest on the show, email: guest-relations@boonecutler.com.


Can I get a second opinion because this makes sense ...

All the way, Boone

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The scary thing about this is . . .
we don't know if this guy is serious or not based on the state of things lately. 😳🙄😵😏😕😒

(Team BC)

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Here's an interesting Valentine's Day gift to one of our warfighters from Colombia...

Nestlé's "Beso de Negra" are chocolate-covered marshmallows - sold year round. They aren't new, and they are no gag.

'Beso' meaning 'kiss' and as you might have guessed...'negra' meaning the feminine noun of 'black,' which is colloquially used as a term of endearment.

Culture shock? Which one? Ours or theirs? Why?


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The negative side-effects of yo-yo dieting seem to be less harmful than not-

Yo-yo dieting might actually make people healthy, despite the huge amounts of criticism directed towards them, according to an expert.

Repeated crash diets might be best compared to going to the dentist, according to US biostatistician David Allison. In the same way, the extreme slimming method ensures that people get healthier – even if they gradually move away from that again.

Dr Allison found that in tests on mice, repeated diets didn't seem to do much harm. In fact, those that went on yo-yo diets actually lived longer than those who stayed obese.


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(Team BC) ...

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