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IMG_0004Dr. Dale Comstock is a retired Green Beret Team Sergeant, Delta Force Operator, Paramilitary Operative, Producer, Actor, Author, Stuntman, Security Consultant, Proud Father, and American Patriot. Dale has been featured on several TV shows and movies, regularly contributes to IJR Review, and has conducted enumerable interviews on radio across America.

Chris Buckalew (1)Chris Buckalew is a disabled veteran who served in the US Army as an airborne infantryman from 1993-1996.  He now works as a Registered Nurse and hospital supervisor.  He is a veteran advocate, competitive weightlifter, and Scottish Highland Games amateur athlete.  Other interests include Harleys, reading, and writing.  He is married, with three kids, 2 dogs, and a cat that somehow breached the perimeter and continues to dwell among them.


Michael BroderickU.S. Marine Corps veteran Michael Broderick is an actor and a proud member of VFT: Veterans in Film & Television. You’ve seen him on shows like Justified, Criminal Minds and The Unit to name just a few. You’ve heard him as the voice of Pennzoil and in video games like Medal of Honor: Warfighter. You can find him at and he’s here to talk about Warfighters in Hollywood.


U.S. Army Special Forces veteran Geoff D. discusses Task Force Dagger Foundation‘s SOF Health Initiatives Program, which takes a comprehensive approach to identifying the root causes of illness and utilizes a revolutionary systems biology known as Functional Medicine. The program has been used by various SOCOM Units for advanced functional diagnostic health assessments such as biochemical and metabolic analysis, testing for chronic lead exposure with KXRF X Ray, identifying food allergies and hidden gastrointestinal infections, chelation therapy for heavy metal toxicity,psychotherapy for PTSD, and individualized TBI/PTSD treatments using functional neurology and neurosteroid restoration. The SOF Health Initiatives Program transcends the typical approaches known today as conventional health care. Whereas, the SOF Health Initiatives Program offers a full systems, patient-centric approach to resolving health complaints and creates an environment conducive to healing and recovery based on each individuals biochemical individuality and genetic uniqueness. Contact Geoff here.


Dr. Carrie Elk is a psychotherapist that has been in the field for over 20 years. She is a trusted friend of the warfighter community and dedicated to help us navigate through and win the battles we often face as a result of dr elkexperiences in combat and at home. She tells it like it is, straight up, believes that with good information, a clear map of the way ahead, and the support of a trusted ally & guide, our warrior spirit will not only carry us through to the other side but that we heal stronger in the broken places and will rise up even greater than before (post traumatic growth).


Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson is currently enlisted as an 11b in the US Army, and is also the man behind Stolen Valor and Guardian of Valor. He is now a regular contributor to different news outlets concerning Stolen Valor. He has also assisted Senators and State Lawmakers in passing Stolen Valor laws. He is very passionate about his mission, and has become one of the nations experts on Stolen Valor. You can find him on Facebook and on the web at Guardian of Valor. He is here to discuss Warfighter News and Stolen Valor cases.


DanBlueFullDaniel Alarik, Founder & CEO of Grunt Style. Former US Army Infantry Drill Sergeant, founded the company in 2009. Didn’t know shit about business so he read every book twice and worked like he was still on Drill Sergeant duty to get the mission started. His goal is to awaken the inner-warrior inside every man. To stand up for what is right even when it is hard. In this segment Daniel takes a look at some of America’s Real American Heroes.


Havok JournalScott Faith is a veteran of more than a half-dozen combat deployments and has served in several different Special Operations units over the course of his Army career. Scott’s writing focuses largely on veterans’ issues, but he is also a big proponent of Constitutional rights and has a deep interest in international politics. Scott welcomes story ideas and feedback on his articles, and can be reached at


Stuart Steinberg Photo

Stuart Steinberg is Vietnam Veteran who serves as a veterans service officer for Vietnam Veterans of America. He provides his perspective on issues related to all aspects of veterans benefits and active duty and retired military issues. Tune in to listen to Mr. Steinberg’s perspectives on a variety of topics.



U.S. Army veteran Magda Khalifa (“Maggie”) provides best practices and TTPs for warfighters who want to start their own small business. Maggie is the Founder and CEO of Asymmetric Solutions Group, a business solutions provider that specializes in strategic planning. The segment is geared towards aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups in the veteran community.


Sharon DanitschekThe only thing better than a beer with a Battle Buddy is beers with 100 Battle Buddies.   Sharon Danitschek spent her 25 plus year career in the Hospitality Industry working as a meeting planner as well as on the hotel/convention center sales side.   She knows what works and what doesn’t.  As President of Reunion Friendly Network, she travels the country teaching veterans of all ages how to put their rally/reunion together as well as sharing the latest industry trends.  She is well connected in the hospitality community. There are cool cities and hotels out there that love the warfighter community. She knows who they are and how they can help you.  As Boone says “Get your ass off Facebook! Hang out with YOUR warfighters for a weekend!”

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