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Gorgo’s Boxes

Bark or Bite, it’s all one Fight!


Gorgo’s Boxes is a paw-it-forward project that began with the kindness of a caregiver within the Warfighter Community.

1. Gather up a box of clothes you want to share with a Warfighter family.
2. Let us know what you have! (Girls size 7/8 jeans and shirts, pajamas, etc.)
3. We will put a message out and find just the right Warfighter Family that is happy to receive the box of clothing with a family member of that size.
4. We pass the shipping details to the ANONYMOUS family sharing the box to ship it to.
5. The ANONYMOUS family marks the box GORGO’S BOXES in the FROM field. Someone creative in the house adds cool artwork to the outside of the box! (Maybe a rendition of Gorgo’s paw print in PURPLE, her favorite color)
6. Slip an inspirational ANONYMOUS note inside.
7. Take a photo (make sure the shipping address doesn’t show!) and we will post it!
8. The RECEIVING family gets a cool box filled with clothes and sometimes little things like toys (Matchbox cars, pretty pencils, etc. that no one was using)
9. The RECEIVING family posts/PM’s a note of thanks and maybe even photos that can be shared publicly or privately to the anonymous sender.



Gorgo’s Boxes is simply a tool to connect Warfighter families in need. It is purely out of the generosity of those offering and we cannot control the shipping of boxes.

As much as we try to vet everyone that will be receiving a box, there are those that take advantage of any situation they can. Although we have good intentions, we cannot guarantee the legitimacy of each situation.

Click HERE for Gorgo’s Boxes Facebook page.

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